House Rules Part 1

The following is the rules used to create a character for use within the world of Larossia.

This is kinda of a hodge-podge of 1-3e rules with some aspects from the scores of other rpg’s ive played over the years. I took, with permission, the rules ran by a DM named John and his party of adventurers from Milwaukee, WI ;over the past twenty or so years and modified it as I did not remember all the rules when i started my games here in minnesota.

Step 1: Stat’s To start with each player has the 7 stats from 1e. 8 STR 8 DEX 8 CON 8 INT 8 WIS 8 CHA 8 COM

Then they take 30 points and spend them 1:1 however they feel like with the max from this stage being 19.

Step 2: Race Choice Ive expaned the list allowed from John’s table to include all of the following races.

Dwarf +2 CON -2 CHA Elf +2 DEX -2 CON Human +20 Skill Point’s Half-Elf +2 DEX Half-Giant +4 STR/CON -2 to all five other stats Half-Ogre +1STR/COn -1 to all five other stats Aricoix +2 DEX -1 str/con (half-eagle/men from another dimension) Centaur +1 Con/Wis -2 Dex (half-horsemen) (large) Minotaur +3str/con -2 Int/Wis/Cha (large) Pixie +1 dex/cha -1str/con (small) Satyr +1 dex/con -int/cha (goat-men if you dont know what midsummers night dream is) Wemic +1 str/con -1dex/wis (lion-men from the desert)

Other races are allowed but only with dm permission, mostly because i didnt want to clog up char creation with a huge internal debate over what races to allow.

Step 3: modify stat’s per racial adjustment This allows stat’s to go up to 23 in the case of a half-giant at creation, which as you will see is my magic number. or 20/21 in the case of all other races.

Use the following forumula to figure out what bonus you get for your stat’s. STAT-10 / 2 = bonus or 3e stat rules for those familiar to it.

EX) 20 con would give you a +5 bonus.

All classes are granted str/con bonus no limit. EX)A mage with 30 con would have +14 hp per level

Step 4: Determine HP Base HP per SIZE 04 Tiny 0”-2’5” 06 Small 2’6”-4’11” 08 Medium 5’-7’6” 10 Large 7’7”-10’ 12 Huge 10’1”-15’ 15 Giant 15’1”-50’ 20 Titan 50’1’-200”

Greater then 200’1” would be figured out baised on DM Whim. Though of the Races I choose the tallest are half giants which are huge sized.

Step 5: Base Skills that all adventurers have 3 Learning 2 Running or Riding(specific creature) 1 Hobby (craft or profession skill specific) 2 Wear Armor 2 Weapon(s) of Choice (same or different weapons)

Step 6: Choose occupation you spent your youth as, adjust HP & stat’s as below (CON bonus taken into account already below)

Squire to local baron +11 HP +2STR +2CON 4 Read Maps, 3 Riding, 2 Leadership, 2 Heraldry, 2 Wear Armor, 2 Endurance

Apprentice to old mage in a tower in the castle. +4 HP +2DEX +2INT 4 Magic Lore, 4 R/W Arrosa(ancient tongue of magic), 3 Meditation, 2 Arcane Research, 2 Spell of Choice(same spell)

accolate to either Barons wife or local Druid. +8HP +2WIS +2CHA 4 Religion Lore, 3 Prayer, 3 Meditation, 2 law, 1 shield (of choice), 1 Spell of choice

woodsman, scout in the service of the baron under cmd of huntsmaster +7HP +2DEX +2CON 3 Tracking, 3 Wilderness Lore, 2 Spot, 2 Hide, 2 Animal Lore, 2 Read Maps, 1 Music (singing or play specific instrument)

Then write down saving throws as per 2e Squire = Fighter Apprentice = Mage Accolate = Cleric Woodsman = Rogue Step 7: Choose Skills to specalize in 10 points distributed wherever you wish, to known or unknown skills, see page called Master Skill List for Incompleate Skill List.

Step 8: Recieve coin purse and a gift or two (dm choice)

EX) Helm with +19 Spot/listen skill or +1 MC weapons/armor or Boots with +19 Hide/Move Silently

Generally the gift is a single minor magical item or MC item that fits the basic character concept.

Coin Purse is 2d12×10 if opt to use a roll for it, or DM Whim if player dont want to roll for starting coinage.

Step 9: Purchase weapons/armor/items until all gold but 5 or less is spent.

Step 10: Have fun adventuring and aquire experance until reach 3000 XP.

Step 11: Choose Class and continue to adventure and have fun.

Step 12: Anyone can cross class as much as they want, max level in a class is 120 (60mill xp) Players can choose any “prestige class” they want with DM permission pending 2 things. 1- They meet the requirments for it 2- It is in a published book 3e or 3.5e



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