Partial Skills List

What follows is the partial list of skills as I remembered it from John’s game with a couple additions like Arrossa (which is something the my players havnt encounted yet so i cant tell you publically what it is)

Master Skill List (work in progress) Astrology, Astronomy, Ancient History, Arrossa Item use, Arrossa Lore, Arrossa Item Identification, Arcane Research, Animal Lore (Specific animal), Animal Training [animal lore specific 10), Animal Riding, Appraise, Architature [drawing 10, engineering 5], Bargain, Balance, Bluff, Brewing, Blind-Fighting, Bowyer Smithing 10, Carpentry 10, Butchering, Concentration, Climbing, Camoflauge (hiding Something non-living and not self), Cartography [Land Navigation 20, Read Maps 10, Read/Write 5 whatever language the map made will be in], Climb Vertical Walls [climb 10], Cooking, Carpentry [woodworking 5], Candlemaking, Cart making [carpentry 5], Divine Research , dancing, Dirrection Sense, Disable Device [remove traps 10] (this is for very intricate mechanical things), Disguise, Diplomacy, Deciphor Script, Dyeing, Endurance (10 points = 1 day awake if make check), Ettiquite, Engineering [Mathematics 20], Enlaying, Engraving, Ettching, Folk Lore, Fishing, Fletching smithing 5, carpentry 5, Fire Building, Find Traps, Forging Documents [r/w 20] (per language, starts at 5 skill instead of normal 1 skill), Gathering Information, Glubness (lieing), Gaming (gambling), Gem Cutting, Gem Setting [gem cutting 10], Gardening, Glass Blowing, Grooming [Animal Handling 10], Geology (bonus added to prospecting skill checks), Geography, Hunting (animals for food/hides), Healing, Herbology [plant lore 10], Hide in Shadows (natural setting), Hide in Shadows (city), Holy Symbol Creation , Hawking [Hunting 10, Animal Handling(hawk) 5], ID Potion, ID Arcane spell, ID Divine spell, Intimidate, Jump, Juggling, Knot work, Learning (learn new skills @ increased change), Listening, Local Law (regional or dukedom if large kingdom), Local History (pick region), Law -Military , Law -Kingdom wide, Law -Racial (if smaller then a dukedom sized kingdom), Leatherworking, Leadership, Move Silently, Monster Lore, Map Reading, mining, Military Ettiquette, Military Tactics (basics), Military Squad Tactics [Military Tactics 10] (2-10 man), Military Platoon Tactics [Military Tactics 20] (11-50 man), Military Company Tactics [Military Tactics 40] (51-250 man), Military Division Tactics [Military Tactics 70] (250-1000 man), Military Army Tactics [Military Tactics 140] (1001-100000 man), Military Contitental Defense [military tactics 240 (100001-1 million man), Mining [Prospecting 10], Meditation, Myconology (mushroom lore), Mathematics (able to do figures greater then 25×25 in head), Mathematics Advanced [40 Mathematics], Metalargy [Smithing 20], Music Item Creation, Navigation Sea, Navigation Land, Open Locks, Oceanography [sea navigation 20, read charts 10 Read/Write 5 whatever language the map made will be in], Parchment Making, Pewter Smithing [Blacksmithing 10], Philosophy, Plant Lore, Play Music Instrument, Poison Breweing [posion use 10], Poison use [herbology 20], Pottery, Prayer (special see seperate table), Prospecting , Quarrying, Read Charts , Read Languages (per language can also write in language), Read Music, Religion Lore (knowledge of gods and faiths), Searching (for hidden things or increase loot table), Seige Crafting, Singing, Smithing -black (basic smithing), Smithing -Copper [basic smithing copper], Smithing -Armor [10 black smithing], Smithing -Shield [5 armor smithing], Smithing -Weapon [10 black smithing], Smithing -various metal [20 black smithing] , Spot, Survival (per environment type), Swimming, Tracking, Teaching (increase chance to teach a skill to someone), Tailoring, Tumbling, Tightrope Walking [balance 10], Tanning (curing hides), Understanding Riddles, Ventriloquism, Wear Armor (1 point per ac bonus of base item you are wearing see table below), Wield Weapon (specific to weapon), Write Spell, Weather Sense, Weapon Training (learning does not work with weapons), Weapon Teaching (teaching does not work with weapons), Wilderness Lore (general), Specalaized Wilderness Lore [nature lore 20] (can choose type of environment to know about, may be taken multiple times),

The following ranks in wear armor allows the player to wear the following types of armor.

Wear Armor Table 01 Padded, Bucklet, Bracer, Small Helm 02 leather, Medium/Large shield, Bassinet 03 Studded Leather, Spiked Leather, Tower Shield, Full Helm 04 Hide armor, Scale Mail, Coin Scale Mail, Brigidine 05 Studded Hide, Spiked Hide, Chain Mail, Elven Chain 06 Banded Mail, Split Mail, Bronze Plate Mail 07 Plate Mail 08 Field Plate Mail, Dwarven Plate Mail 09 Full Plate Mail 10 Magical Armor’s

Mastery levels and Chart

Mastery levels: Every skill, and weapon gains new bonuses as more skill points are added to them. These levels are used for everything from weapon damage and bonus to thac0, to determining whether or not a god hears a prayer. The levels, bonuses, and skill points follow.

Level Skill points bonus Description Basic 1 +2 The most basic of skill, almost any one can get this.

Skilled 5 +4 Most people have a at least a couple of skills here and can function in society with this level

Expert 20 +6 A profession can be made with this level of skill

Master 40 +8 Master smiths, master healers, master-swordsmen, etc. The title of master can be used before ones name. Rare in the common world

Grand Master 70 +10 Some consider this the end of a career, the epitome of skill. True artisans that some times acquire people who want to learn from a grand master

GM master 110 +18 Extremely rare in the non-adventuring world. No title beyond grand master is even recognized by the common wold.

2x GM 140 +20 This and all that follow are unheard of in the normal world.

3x GM 210 +30

4x GM 280 +40

5x GM 350 +50

6x GM 420 +60

7x GM 490 +70 This level of skill is possible only if extreme focus is applied to 1 skill or weapon for an entire adventuring career.

As for followers and students, they should only show up if the creature with the immense skill ever stops in one places, and practices its trade as a teacher or artisan for more then a year.



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