The brothers grim continue to explore the tower. Going up to the 5th floor they discovered a Sarcophagus with a golden pillow with a “K” embrodered upon it. After some trepidation and drawing up his magical lore Grimstar draws a dagger and cuts his forearm then lays down inside. The wings close up and all he sees is nothing, darkness. Grimtooth sees a multicolor hue flast from the top of it.. then shortly it opens and Grimstar sits up, not a drop of blood remains on his robes and his wound in compleatly healed.

They grin at eatch other and both say “This Tower is our base of opperations”

The step again upon the platform to see what is upstairs after pressing the UP glyph they arrive upon the roof of this mile and a half tall tower. They can see almost all of their holdings from here; old growth forests to the southwest, temples to the southeast, mines to the north a fortress to the west and just bairly see their capitals far to the southeast.

Grimstar jumps off the Tower and about halfway down transforms into his Brass Dragon form flying in circles around the Tower he lets loose a very impressive breath of fire dirrectly up in the air above the Tower.

Through some very skilled checks the Brothers realize that they can create a leyline nexus point here that will connect to each of their source holdings so they may draw upon the powers of their realms at will here.

Great lines of power streach forth from their source holdings to this tower, mighty strands of ruby and emerald tie together into a knot that is visable to them above the tower. They cannot see the lines from the other person save where they are tied together in the nexus knot.

They bring the lift platform back down to the base of the tower and step outside both changing into their dragonic forms to fly south and explore outside the known are of the world. There is a city to the south of Grimstars shipyard that one of their scouts reported.

The Brothers fly across most of their holdings improving moral of all the men that see them. Grimstar even uses his magical powers to create a show magical fire in the air behind them to entertain the humans under their command.

They land roughly a mile or so north of the City…



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