Emperor Stephen

Former King now emperor


He is the former 2nd in charge of the Andicite Empire. Both his brothers are dead or missing as the players have found out. He once traded (500AEt ago) all of his holdings upon the Contitent that the Andicite Empire fully controlled for a small kingdom roughly the size of Iowa. He never fully claimed the land due to Zirchev dropping a vial filled with a magical wall of fog that sealed off the small borderlands where stephen was serving for 10 years before the trade for kerimekos would take place.

He is married to a wonderfull Silver dragoness.

Stephen was last seen during a mighty battle, the players watched via a magical orb in (one of?? ) the Tower(s) of the Ancients, in the company of his wife, Zirchev(zeligar) a couple of gnomes and Sir Rogane within what they assume to be the crater to the west.

Emperor Stephen

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