Petra Shadowstep


Petra Shadowstep is a Kitana that attacks as a +3 weapon.

She is an both a orcish backstabber and chromatic dragon slayer.

When attacking an orc from behind she automaticaly deals max damage. a roll of of 20 will automatically slay the orc.

When attacking a dragon a roll of 20 will do something, though the players know yet not what it will do, so I can not say.


“To Petra, she all sacred things believing Granted they the gift of warmth from the treasures of weaving.”


It is said that the immortals then spirited Halav, Petra, and Zirchev away to sit beside them as immortals.”

The players found out last week, that her soul was placed within the sword they formerly known as Shadowstep which is in the hands of Boin Grimstarr a Bronze Dragon Sorceror.

Shadowstep is a Kitana.

Petra Shadowstep

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