Zirchiv (zeligar)

huntsman.. Sorceror.. Amythest Dragon


Zeligar is a Kobold (in appearance) who with Sir Rogain created a stronghold of 30 floors deep beneith a Tower that they party just figured out how to enter (the tower).

The players found out last week that Zeligar’s True name is Zirchiv, companion of King Halav 5000 years ago.

“To Zirchev, huntsman bold all forest way knowing To him was given of old the knowledge of magic for his going.”


It is said that the immortals then spirited Halav, Petra, and Zirchev away to sit beside them as immortals.”

He was last seen commanding an army of thousands of metalic dragons and hundreds of thousands of mortals (all playable races) in a epic battle against the same sized army of chromatic’s and their mortal troops as well. Doing battle within the heart of a crater the size of Rhode Island. Why is an Amythest Dragon in charge of metalics? Why does this (former) Human perfer the shape of a Kobold? What are they fighting for with such numbers?

Zirchiv (zeligar)

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