Half-Elven, appears 37 years old, he stands 5’10” weighs about 190# with close cropped brown hair and silver eyes.

He is a 9th level ranger (at least) 10 STR +0 32 DEX +11 23 CON +6 12 INT +1 21 WIS +0 14 CHA +2 15 COM +2

His primary occupation is that of a Woodsman.

Thac0: -1 (math) 11-1-11= -1

Armor Class: -12 10-22=-12 [ Silver Studded Hide(5) + Bracer of Protection (4) + Dex (11) + Magical Ring (2) ]

Known Skill List (to players) 26 Learning 24 Riding 25 Fletching 55 Tracking 26 Wilderness Lore 48 Spot 96 Hide 62 Animal Lore 30 Read Maps 15 Whistling 91 Move Silently 43 Animal Kin 34 Navigation 32 Make Maps (cartography) 39 Listening 24 Monster Lore 17 ID Scroll 46 Appraise 10 Draconinc Lore 36 Long Bow

Armor (piecemail) Hide BP +2AC (+30 to tracking ) Elven Chainmail Sleaves +2AC (some power they dont know of on it) Boots of Elven kinds (+19 Move Silently) Boots of Varied Tracks (to confound pursuers) Cloak of Shifting -Brown bark colored

Weapons info —Long Bow with flight arrows (both non-magical) d10+2 dmg -2ac vs 1 target bonus to self) Short range 110’ Medium range 170’ Long range 220’

—Long Sword +3 “Thought Spear” 2d8+3 DMG -2ac vs 2 targets or less bonus to self) 2 atks per round can choose to deflect or disarm +2vs saves The sword whos name the party does not yet know can cast the following spells ESP 3x Per Day, range = Line of Site for Wolvis

—Short Sword +4 D6+8 -2ac vs 2 targets *20 vs Dragonkind = They are Feableminded for 4 rounds *20 vs avian =They are petrified Magic missle 3x per day 4 orbs of lightnings dealing 4d4+4 dmg to single target Detect Good or Evil 10’ radius it speaks telepathically to anyone it chooses to in the Andicite Language

—War Hammer +1 Dwarven Returning Held: d8+5 dmg -4ac vs 3 or less targets Thrown: d6+4 dmg -Range 20’ Detect Secret door within 10’ passive ability It throbs in the hand when a secret door is within 10’


This Ranger was the guide dirrected by then Commander Stephan to accompany the party to Zeligar’s fortress. They later found out that he was a silver dragon and a much more powerfull character then they first thought.

He was last seen playing Steward to the Princes managing their Domains for them while they are off on their adventures. he is trusted 100% by the party.


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