Captain 312


(What is Known to players) He appears as a middle aged human or a golden dragon (very young) Known levels Gold Dragon30, Warrior20, Scout5….

26 STR +8 34 DEX +12 25 CON +7 26 INT +8 24 WIS +7 19 CHA +4 14 COM +2

HP: unknown (they have not seen him take damge) AC: -19 10-29 [12 +4Plate,5 +3 Tower Shield, 12 dex ]

Known Skills 25 Learning, 35 Riding, 20 Read Maps, 20 Heraldry, 30 Endurance, 50 Weapons Training, 20 Monster Lore, 20 Seige Craft, 20 Jump 40 Spot 25 Camoflauge 50 Fire Building 50 Gather Info 10 Wear Armor 20 Cartography 25 Bargaining 40 Dirrection Sense 25 Ettiquette 30 Engineering 35 Military Law 50 Leadership 110 Military Tactics 40 Deca tactics 45 Century Tactics 50 Deka Tactics 70 Mexa Tactics 140 Army Tactics 50 Military Ettiqute 40 Ceature Lore 20 Mathematics 40 Advanced Mathematics 92 Teaching 10 Write Music 20 Read Music 3 Pick pockets 6 Open Locks 5 find traps 8 Remove traps 2 Move silently 1 Hide in Shadows 12 Listen 15 Climb Walls 8 Read Language 30 Weather Sense 20 Short Sword 28 Long Sword 40 War Hammer 10 Short Bow 20 Comp Short Bow 10 Dagger 10 Pike 10 Bastard Sword 10 Morning Star 10 Horsemans Flail 20 Balista (sm) 20 Balista (med) 40 Balista (lg) 20 Trebuche 10 Lance 70 Stave

Armor —+4 Plate mail with alter appearance @ will —Helm of ESP/Mind control blocking —+3 Tower Shield of dragonic Protection +5ac vs chromatic/gem dragons +2sv vs breath weapon (sv=0 dmg fail=1/2 dmg) +3sv vs all spells cast by gem/chromatic dragons If Dragon is spoken in dwarven continual light is activated upon the shield until it is spoken again.


They first encounted SGT 312 while in the Throne room of Zeligar’s Underground Fortress. He was marching in patrol within the room and would not go farther then the hallways near the Throneroom, nor would he actually enter into that room.

Grimstar introduced himself as King Grimtooth to SGT 312 who then promptly started calling him sire. and would report in every 10 minutes “the hallways are secure, no danger approaches.”

Later they encounted him again down a floor of the dungeon after Grimstar used all of his magical powers to contact Zeligar. 312 then followed them around and assisted with the rest of the exploration of the fortress.

The party found some LT Cloaks down below and prmoted SGT 312 to LT 312. He disapeared when the party finally left the ungerground fortress and sealed it with magics.

He reapeared again when they arrived back in Stephan’s command room and told Stephan what was what with the vial that Zeligar dropped that altered time within the radius of the wall of fog spell.

Stephan detailed 312 to acompany them on the rest of their travles.

The party settled within Galentri city (mystria world map) as the base of their quest to reclaim the land for stephan and the Andicite Empire.

While the party was off on a few adventures, bring the gods back into the world and building temples for them. Wolvis promoted 312 to Captain.

Captain 312 was last seen for a few moments with the Tower of the Ancients once the party entered it, he was in the entry way. Capt. 312 Saluted the party with his shortsword and said ‘the tower is secure sire.’ the dissapeared.

one thing i should mention is that until the party became Blooded (birthright) and has some other stuff happen they were unable to enter into the Tower.

The question on their minds is how did Captain 312 get into the Tower before them?

Captain 312

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