The brothers grim continue to explore the tower. Going up to the 5th floor they discovered a Sarcophagus with a golden pillow with a “K” embrodered upon it. After some trepidation and drawing up his magical lore Grimstar draws a dagger and cuts his forearm then lays down inside. The wings close up and all he sees is nothing, darkness. Grimtooth sees a multicolor hue flast from the top of it.. then shortly it opens and Grimstar sits up, not a drop of blood remains on his robes and his wound in compleatly healed.

They grin at eatch other and both say “This Tower is our base of opperations”

The step again upon the platform to see what is upstairs after pressing the UP glyph they arrive upon the roof of this mile and a half tall tower. They can see almost all of their holdings from here; old growth forests to the southwest, temples to the southeast, mines to the north a fortress to the west and just bairly see their capitals far to the southeast.

Grimstar jumps off the Tower and about halfway down transforms into his Brass Dragon form flying in circles around the Tower he lets loose a very impressive breath of fire dirrectly up in the air above the Tower.

Through some very skilled checks the Brothers realize that they can create a leyline nexus point here that will connect to each of their source holdings so they may draw upon the powers of their realms at will here.

Great lines of power streach forth from their source holdings to this tower, mighty strands of ruby and emerald tie together into a knot that is visable to them above the tower. They cannot see the lines from the other person save where they are tied together in the nexus knot.

They bring the lift platform back down to the base of the tower and step outside both changing into their dragonic forms to fly south and explore outside the known are of the world. There is a city to the south of Grimstars shipyard that one of their scouts reported.

The Brothers fly across most of their holdings improving moral of all the men that see them. Grimstar even uses his magical powers to create a show magical fire in the air behind them to entertain the humans under their command.

They land roughly a mile or so north of the City…

Kill List

120 Orcs, 11 Giant Rats, 7 Giant Bats, 9 Piercers, 22 Skeletons, 12 Kobolds, 1 Giant Spider, 6 Zombies, 6 Spiderlings, 2 Purple Slimes, 2 Green Slimes, 2 Giant Centipede, 17 Giant Glass Centipede, 5 Oche Jellys, 2 Death Knights, 4 Femir, 3 Mummies, 1 gargoyle, 6 Knights of Lilly, Black Dragon, 4 Imps, 1 Mek

Roughly 1 RL year passed since the campain started

(We have just return after about a couple month longs hiatias as we explored the world of Larossia 5000 years ago with the 4e ruleset for the past moon and a half.)

The Brothers Grim left off in mid emergency teleport from the Temple of Takisis to the Tower of the Ancients.

Durring the teleport both brothers were pulled to seperate places Prince Bowin Grimstar was pulled by The conclaive to Tel Ak’abar far to the south and east & Content Not Found: 10463 was pulled far to the east into the homeland of his Wemic people by one of the Immortals. Each of their seperate adventures can be found earlier in this chronicle. [wakld-23423a-423-95as4] and [laskd-92823-450-932asd] So there is no need to repeat what I have earlier written.

Having survived his first test Grimstar was teleported to the Tower of the Ancients at the split second that Grimstooth actived the Ring of Return that he won from the God Reorix.

Slightly dazed and confused the brothers arrived outside the still magical sealed Fortres of Zeligar, neither even being aware of the others journey.

Grimtooth leads the way towards the Tower door as he has learned how to solve is riddle that has stumped them for the past three years of their almost immortal lives. [referane 234029-00002-laks-3]

Taking a good look at the strange looking Tower, as an aside it was created long long ago when the Arossia Empire ruled all the lands of the contitent of Larossia. Grimstar turns into his wraith form and attempts again to slip inside from some cracks in the tower itself. Grimtooth laughs to himself as he knows that there is no way inbeside the locked, bared, chained and warded door up the three wooden steps infront of him.

Grimstar returns to Grimtooth and reports that is still no way to slip inside. Smiling to himself Grimtooth reaches out with his hand to touch the doornob. As soon as he makes contact something pierces his hand and a drop of blood falls onto the knob just as his hand touches it. There is a brillant flash of Emerald light.

When the light fades away the brothers see the chains retracting into the wall on either side of the door, the strange rune inscribed bars and planks disapear, the glyphs of warden whink out and an emerald light appears to blink dirrectly above the door. The knob turns easily in his hands. He turns to his brother and asked “do you want to go first? “

Grimstar activates his Shield of Shielding and steps through the door into a 50×50 foyer. Grimtooth steps in behind him Sword and Shield of Halav at the ready. Both stop in shock at what they see.

Standing before them in his romanisk legionairs armor is none other then LT 312, though he is now wearing a captains cloak, the same cloak they both wore for the past couple of years. He draws his short sword and salutes them both and says “Sire, Your Grace, the halls are secure, no danger approaches all is well here, finally you have arrived.” then dissapears from the Tower.

The brother grim look at each other and debate weither or not to leave now and head back to their Capital and deal with 312 rather forciably.. then decide to contine exploring this tower they had been trying to get for the past three years of their lives.

Dirrectly behind where Captain 312 was they notice some strange rune inscribed tiles upon the floor roughly 10’ x 10’ as well two rather strange looking arrows, one pointing up and one pointing down. Grimtooth boldy reachses and presses the up arrow. Soundlessly the tiles lift upwards towards the 50’ high cealing. Spikes drop down from the cealing, still they hold their ground and stay upon the platforum. Grimstar places a hand up on Grimtooth’s shoulder and prepairs to cast Teleport Without Error down into Zelligar’s great cavern below the tower here.

They pass harmlessly through the spikes and cealing into the 2nd floor where then encounter a giant Map Sphere covering the wall oppsite of the his lift platform. After studying the sphere for a while and somewhat figuring it out. the light above Grimstars Gods Tears mine starts to blink red and he gets the tingling sense that two of his miners are injured durring the collapse of one of the mine shafts.

Aware that Grimtooth has the ability to heal others they attempt something that may just not work. Grimtooth places his forefinger upon Grimstars while they both point at the Gods Tear Mine. Grimtooth sends his healing energy though his brother and to the wounded men at the mine compleatly healing their shattered and broken legs, seconds before the two humans would have died from blood loss.

After talking amoungsts themselves, about everything each other learned upon there erroerd teleport to this Tower they see that the map is all green, so they go back to the platform and again press the up rune upon the wall. They ignore the spikes that again drop from the cealing, thinking them to be an illusion.

They arrive upon the 3rd floor of this tower. The room of the Orb as they call it. Orb of Communication is sitting upone its pedistal in the dead center of the otherwise empty room. Grimstar stepps off the tiles readying his magics, Grimtooth approaches the Orb Shield of Halav at the ready incase there is any damaging magics protecting it.

Nothing happens so he slings the Shield of Halav over his back and reaches out both hands to take the Orb, thinking of the ruins where he gambled with the god Reorix.

Even with his heroric strength he can not budge the orb, as he touches it projected upon the walls of this room is a virtual image of the ruined temple that he challanged and won, four of five times, Reorix to games of chances. He looks down at his hands and he notices the Ring of Report looks up to Grimstar and says “I wonder..”

Grimstar approches the Orb as Grimtooth places his hands upon it again and thinks, this time of Stephen. The room changes this time the walls show, as from a mile up in the air an epic battle being fought with two thousand of all the Metalic colors against another two thousand of the Chromatic colors. Clawing each other, breath attacks going off, they saw a huge red dragon (asrousdaso) dive down to the ground and breath upon some of the human troops that were fighting against some of goblins.

Right before i get too carried away. The four thousand dragons fighting in the air were as though a small skirmish as compaired to what they saw upon the ground.. within this crater roughly the size of rhode island upon sol 3 there were hundreds of thousands of men, elves, dwarfs, wemics, ogres with their armor painted in all the metalic colors, though none in platium. These troops, banners flying high in the sky were doing battle against roughly the same number of orcs, gnolls, goblins, trolls and giants who were wearing the chromantic colors upon their armors and banners.

Behind the metallic side of things there was a huge parvalion, a war tent. The Tower room view now changes again. Standing before a large map table are some people the brothers grim are very familiar with.

At the table are the two gnomes that were mining a blue metal from Zeligar’s stronghold, Zeligar, Roghane, Stephen, his wife and Klokk.

Grimtooth uses his ring of report to speak with Stephen and fill him in on what they have discovered. Stephen passes on the information and Calles Zeligar by his True name & lets him know that his companions have been found, though alterered in form to the very weapons that were found within his stronghold.

Some orders were passed down from Stephen before he and his wife leave the tent changing into their dragonic forms. Roghane and Zeligar too leave charging on foot to aid the men fighting upon the ground.. Though both become titanic in size the second they step out of the tent. The two gnomes wink up at where the brothers grim are preceving this event. Both Stephen and his wife are carrying large baskets containing shimmering blueish metal Dragonlances.

The Tide of the battle begains to shift, from a draw to the metalics possessing a clear advantange. They also notice a detachment of roughly twenty thousand men clad in silver mail lead by none other then Roghane heading south and east from the battle, towards the great dwarven gate that the brothers know is all that seperates their reclaimed portion of the empire from the battle.

The room returns to normal. The brothers then decided to go up another floor to see what is there.

This room they find two very comfortable chairs with a book floating about eye level to one sitting in the chair. They stand and try to read the book but the pages appear blank, they can not even turn the pages.

Being brave they both sit down within the chairs and discovered that my Tomes of Gilian still work as well as when the immortals created them per my instructions.

Grimtooth is thinking about his crops and how to grow a better batch of Lucky 9 Leaf Clover so the pages transform into books upon the secrets of hydroponics and green house manigment as well as crop rotation. Grimstar was worried about his miners so he learned to construct a mine so that it will now collapse upon the humans working it for it as well as how to build a floating hovership controlled by the minds power, as they did upon Cottman IV. Also he learned how to run and opporate a mages guild, such as Hogworts.

Thus ends the Tales of the Tower (part one)

currency within Larossia

Currency takes many forms.

Copper Iron Silver Gold Platium Mithril Golden Crowns (K) Andicite Tears of the Immortals

The Vlues are as follows 100 Copper to the Gold, 10 Silver to the Gold, 20 Iron to the Gold. 100 Gold to the Platium, 100 Platium to the Mithril, 100 Mithril to the Andicite. 2000 Gold coins to a Golden Crown ( K )

The “Tears of the Immortals” are neigh priceless. Entire lands have been laid waste for but 1 piece. If one were somehow to find one for sale there gold value worth would be roughly 100 Million Gold Coins.

Partial Skills List

What follows is the partial list of skills as I remembered it from John’s game with a couple additions like Arrossa (which is something the my players havnt encounted yet so i cant tell you publically what it is)

Master Skill List (work in progress) Astrology, Astronomy, Ancient History, Arrossa Item use, Arrossa Lore, Arrossa Item Identification, Arcane Research, Animal Lore (Specific animal), Animal Training [animal lore specific 10), Animal Riding, Appraise, Architature [drawing 10, engineering 5], Bargain, Balance, Bluff, Brewing, Blind-Fighting, Bowyer Smithing 10, Carpentry 10, Butchering, Concentration, Climbing, Camoflauge (hiding Something non-living and not self), Cartography [Land Navigation 20, Read Maps 10, Read/Write 5 whatever language the map made will be in], Climb Vertical Walls [climb 10], Cooking, Carpentry [woodworking 5], Candlemaking, Cart making [carpentry 5], Divine Research , dancing, Dirrection Sense, Disable Device [remove traps 10] (this is for very intricate mechanical things), Disguise, Diplomacy, Deciphor Script, Dyeing, Endurance (10 points = 1 day awake if make check), Ettiquite, Engineering [Mathematics 20], Enlaying, Engraving, Ettching, Folk Lore, Fishing, Fletching smithing 5, carpentry 5, Fire Building, Find Traps, Forging Documents [r/w 20] (per language, starts at 5 skill instead of normal 1 skill), Gathering Information, Glubness (lieing), Gaming (gambling), Gem Cutting, Gem Setting [gem cutting 10], Gardening, Glass Blowing, Grooming [Animal Handling 10], Geology (bonus added to prospecting skill checks), Geography, Hunting (animals for food/hides), Healing, Herbology [plant lore 10], Hide in Shadows (natural setting), Hide in Shadows (city), Holy Symbol Creation , Hawking [Hunting 10, Animal Handling(hawk) 5], ID Potion, ID Arcane spell, ID Divine spell, Intimidate, Jump, Juggling, Knot work, Learning (learn new skills @ increased change), Listening, Local Law (regional or dukedom if large kingdom), Local History (pick region), Law -Military , Law -Kingdom wide, Law -Racial (if smaller then a dukedom sized kingdom), Leatherworking, Leadership, Move Silently, Monster Lore, Map Reading, mining, Military Ettiquette, Military Tactics (basics), Military Squad Tactics [Military Tactics 10] (2-10 man), Military Platoon Tactics [Military Tactics 20] (11-50 man), Military Company Tactics [Military Tactics 40] (51-250 man), Military Division Tactics [Military Tactics 70] (250-1000 man), Military Army Tactics [Military Tactics 140] (1001-100000 man), Military Contitental Defense [military tactics 240 (100001-1 million man), Mining [Prospecting 10], Meditation, Myconology (mushroom lore), Mathematics (able to do figures greater then 25×25 in head), Mathematics Advanced [40 Mathematics], Metalargy [Smithing 20], Music Item Creation, Navigation Sea, Navigation Land, Open Locks, Oceanography [sea navigation 20, read charts 10 Read/Write 5 whatever language the map made will be in], Parchment Making, Pewter Smithing [Blacksmithing 10], Philosophy, Plant Lore, Play Music Instrument, Poison Breweing [posion use 10], Poison use [herbology 20], Pottery, Prayer (special see seperate table), Prospecting , Quarrying, Read Charts , Read Languages (per language can also write in language), Read Music, Religion Lore (knowledge of gods and faiths), Searching (for hidden things or increase loot table), Seige Crafting, Singing, Smithing -black (basic smithing), Smithing -Copper [basic smithing copper], Smithing -Armor [10 black smithing], Smithing -Shield [5 armor smithing], Smithing -Weapon [10 black smithing], Smithing -various metal [20 black smithing] , Spot, Survival (per environment type), Swimming, Tracking, Teaching (increase chance to teach a skill to someone), Tailoring, Tumbling, Tightrope Walking [balance 10], Tanning (curing hides), Understanding Riddles, Ventriloquism, Wear Armor (1 point per ac bonus of base item you are wearing see table below), Wield Weapon (specific to weapon), Write Spell, Weather Sense, Weapon Training (learning does not work with weapons), Weapon Teaching (teaching does not work with weapons), Wilderness Lore (general), Specalaized Wilderness Lore [nature lore 20] (can choose type of environment to know about, may be taken multiple times),

The following ranks in wear armor allows the player to wear the following types of armor.

Wear Armor Table 01 Padded, Bucklet, Bracer, Small Helm 02 leather, Medium/Large shield, Bassinet 03 Studded Leather, Spiked Leather, Tower Shield, Full Helm 04 Hide armor, Scale Mail, Coin Scale Mail, Brigidine 05 Studded Hide, Spiked Hide, Chain Mail, Elven Chain 06 Banded Mail, Split Mail, Bronze Plate Mail 07 Plate Mail 08 Field Plate Mail, Dwarven Plate Mail 09 Full Plate Mail 10 Magical Armor’s

Mastery levels and Chart

Mastery levels: Every skill, and weapon gains new bonuses as more skill points are added to them. These levels are used for everything from weapon damage and bonus to thac0, to determining whether or not a god hears a prayer. The levels, bonuses, and skill points follow.

Level Skill points bonus Description Basic 1 +2 The most basic of skill, almost any one can get this.

Skilled 5 +4 Most people have a at least a couple of skills here and can function in society with this level

Expert 20 +6 A profession can be made with this level of skill

Master 40 +8 Master smiths, master healers, master-swordsmen, etc. The title of master can be used before ones name. Rare in the common world

Grand Master 70 +10 Some consider this the end of a career, the epitome of skill. True artisans that some times acquire people who want to learn from a grand master

GM master 110 +18 Extremely rare in the non-adventuring world. No title beyond grand master is even recognized by the common wold.

2x GM 140 +20 This and all that follow are unheard of in the normal world.

3x GM 210 +30

4x GM 280 +40

5x GM 350 +50

6x GM 420 +60

7x GM 490 +70 This level of skill is possible only if extreme focus is applied to 1 skill or weapon for an entire adventuring career.

As for followers and students, they should only show up if the creature with the immense skill ever stops in one places, and practices its trade as a teacher or artisan for more then a year.

House Rules Part 2

Due to the fact that after a few successfull rolls players will have stats in the 20’s or 30’s Spell immunities, and seeing through illusions form 2E are not used.

Spell level availability from 3E applies. PC’s must have the stats high enough to cast high level spells.

(HP bonuses from Con. are retroactive.)

Base Classes Each class starts with the listed 40 skills, which are up for debate/change if the player does not like something that is listed here. ((( They will be edited in once i copy and paste them in from the laptop and this line will be deleted. )))

-Fighter 10 HP per level Weapons Training 6,Running or Riding 6, Monster Lore 3, Climb 3, Jump 3, Endurance 5, Punch 1, Dagger 1, Stave 1, Spot 4, Short or Long Sword 1, Camoflauge 2, Fire Building 2, Wear armor 2

-Ranger 10 HP per level Hide in Natural Surroundings 2, Move Silently in Natural Surroundings 3, Tracking 2, Animal Lore 4, Animal Kin 4, Craft (Player Choice) 3, Navigation (Land or Sea) 3, Know Dirrection 3, Make Maps 3, Stave 1, Bow (Player Choice) 1, Ride 2, Spot 3, Listen 2, Monster Lore 4

-Paladin 10 HP per level Ride 4, Pray 6, Religion 4, Weapons Training 6, Endurance 3, Local History 3, Local Law 5, Diplomacy 4, Stave 1, Dagger 1, Sword (Player Choice) 1, Wear Armor 1, Lance 1

-Chavelier 10 HP per level Ride 15, Lance 5, Long Sword 5, Shield 5, Military Ettique 3, Military Law 2, Heraldry 1, Military Tactics 2, Horse Lore 3, Leatherworking 3, Weapons Training 1

Barbarian 12 HP per level (can not use magic items until 12th) Climb 7, Hide – Natural Settings 4, Detect illusions 1 +1 Per Level, Detect Magic 5 +1 Per Level, Leadership 4, Survival 3, First Aid 3, Tracking 2 +2 Per Level, Plant Lore 3, Animal Lore 3, Know Dirrection 7, Predict Weather 1, Hide in Shadows 2, Choice of One 3

-Wizard 4 HP per level Monster Lore 1, Alchemy 1, Concentration 6, ID Spell 6, ID Magic Item 5, ID Potion 5, Magic Lore 6, Spell Craft 6

-Mage 4 HP per level Monster Lore 2, Alchemy 2, Concentration 4, ID Spell 6, ID Magic Item 5, ID Potion 5, Magic Lore 6, Spell Craft 6

-Sorcorer 4 HP per level Monster Lore 4, Concentration 5, ID Spell 5, ID Potion 5, Spellcraft 5, Ride or Running 4, Spot 2, Listen 2, Magic Lore 3, Mage Site 2, Animal Lore 3

-Cleric 8 HP per level Pray 6, Religion Lore 6, Local History 5, Ancient History 4, Spell Craft 5, Magic Lore 3, Concentration 5, Craft Holy Symbol 5, Club 1

-Druid 8 HP per level Animal Lore 6,Plant Lore 6, Craft (choice) 3, Tracking 3, Handle Animal 3, Herbalism 4, Spell Craft 4, Dirrection Sense 2, Leather Working 2, Pray 4, Religion 3

-Mystic (monk) 6 HP per level Find Traps 2, Remove Traps 2, Move Silently 17, Climb Walls 4, Hide In Shadows 2, Listen 3, Spot 4, Meditation 4, Right Hand 1, Right Foot 1, Left Hand 1, Left Foot 1

-Scout (rogue) 6 HP per level Move Silently 4, Hide 4, Climb 4, Disable Device 4, Listen 4, Open Lock 4, Search 4, Spot 4, Use Magic Device 4, Pick Pockets 4, Decipher Scribe 4, Bluff 4, Intimidate 4

-Bard 6 HP per level Sing/Write Music 6, Appraise 2, Balance 2, Bargain 2, Play Instrument 6, Play Instrument 4, Play Instrument 2, Gather Infromation 4, Spot 3, Listen 3, Local History 3, Craft (choice) 3

House Rules Part 1

The following is the rules used to create a character for use within the world of Larossia.

This is kinda of a hodge-podge of 1-3e rules with some aspects from the scores of other rpg’s ive played over the years. I took, with permission, the rules ran by a DM named John and his party of adventurers from Milwaukee, WI ;over the past twenty or so years and modified it as I did not remember all the rules when i started my games here in minnesota.

Step 1: Stat’s To start with each player has the 7 stats from 1e. 8 STR 8 DEX 8 CON 8 INT 8 WIS 8 CHA 8 COM

Then they take 30 points and spend them 1:1 however they feel like with the max from this stage being 19.

Step 2: Race Choice Ive expaned the list allowed from John’s table to include all of the following races.

Dwarf +2 CON -2 CHA Elf +2 DEX -2 CON Human +20 Skill Point’s Half-Elf +2 DEX Half-Giant +4 STR/CON -2 to all five other stats Half-Ogre +1STR/COn -1 to all five other stats Aricoix +2 DEX -1 str/con (half-eagle/men from another dimension) Centaur +1 Con/Wis -2 Dex (half-horsemen) (large) Minotaur +3str/con -2 Int/Wis/Cha (large) Pixie +1 dex/cha -1str/con (small) Satyr +1 dex/con -int/cha (goat-men if you dont know what midsummers night dream is) Wemic +1 str/con -1dex/wis (lion-men from the desert)

Other races are allowed but only with dm permission, mostly because i didnt want to clog up char creation with a huge internal debate over what races to allow.

Step 3: modify stat’s per racial adjustment This allows stat’s to go up to 23 in the case of a half-giant at creation, which as you will see is my magic number. or 20/21 in the case of all other races.

Use the following forumula to figure out what bonus you get for your stat’s. STAT-10 / 2 = bonus or 3e stat rules for those familiar to it.

EX) 20 con would give you a +5 bonus.

All classes are granted str/con bonus no limit. EX)A mage with 30 con would have +14 hp per level

Step 4: Determine HP Base HP per SIZE 04 Tiny 0”-2’5” 06 Small 2’6”-4’11” 08 Medium 5’-7’6” 10 Large 7’7”-10’ 12 Huge 10’1”-15’ 15 Giant 15’1”-50’ 20 Titan 50’1’-200”

Greater then 200’1” would be figured out baised on DM Whim. Though of the Races I choose the tallest are half giants which are huge sized.

Step 5: Base Skills that all adventurers have 3 Learning 2 Running or Riding(specific creature) 1 Hobby (craft or profession skill specific) 2 Wear Armor 2 Weapon(s) of Choice (same or different weapons)

Step 6: Choose occupation you spent your youth as, adjust HP & stat’s as below (CON bonus taken into account already below)

Squire to local baron +11 HP +2STR +2CON 4 Read Maps, 3 Riding, 2 Leadership, 2 Heraldry, 2 Wear Armor, 2 Endurance

Apprentice to old mage in a tower in the castle. +4 HP +2DEX +2INT 4 Magic Lore, 4 R/W Arrosa(ancient tongue of magic), 3 Meditation, 2 Arcane Research, 2 Spell of Choice(same spell)

accolate to either Barons wife or local Druid. +8HP +2WIS +2CHA 4 Religion Lore, 3 Prayer, 3 Meditation, 2 law, 1 shield (of choice), 1 Spell of choice

woodsman, scout in the service of the baron under cmd of huntsmaster +7HP +2DEX +2CON 3 Tracking, 3 Wilderness Lore, 2 Spot, 2 Hide, 2 Animal Lore, 2 Read Maps, 1 Music (singing or play specific instrument)

Then write down saving throws as per 2e Squire = Fighter Apprentice = Mage Accolate = Cleric Woodsman = Rogue Step 7: Choose Skills to specalize in 10 points distributed wherever you wish, to known or unknown skills, see page called Master Skill List for Incompleate Skill List.

Step 8: Recieve coin purse and a gift or two (dm choice)

EX) Helm with +19 Spot/listen skill or +1 MC weapons/armor or Boots with +19 Hide/Move Silently

Generally the gift is a single minor magical item or MC item that fits the basic character concept.

Coin Purse is 2d12×10 if opt to use a roll for it, or DM Whim if player dont want to roll for starting coinage.

Step 9: Purchase weapons/armor/items until all gold but 5 or less is spent.

Step 10: Have fun adventuring and aquire experance until reach 3000 XP.

Step 11: Choose Class and continue to adventure and have fun.

Step 12: Anyone can cross class as much as they want, max level in a class is 120 (60mill xp) Players can choose any “prestige class” they want with DM permission pending 2 things. 1- They meet the requirments for it 2- It is in a published book 3e or 3.5e


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