Prince Bowin Grimstar


Race: 1/2 ogre-human or brass dragon. homelands: The Broken Lands Occupation: Woodsman

61 brass dragon, 12 sorcerer

12 STR +1, 30 DEX +10, 28 CON +9, 13 INT +1, 23 WIS +6, 27 CHR +8, Bloodline 59%

Skills Known 19 Learning, 2 Riding, 5 Whistling, 5 Tracking, 13 Spot, 5 Hiding(woods), 5 Animal Lore, 5 Animal Lore, 5 Nature Lore, 10 Read Maps, 14 Observation, 5 Ancient History, 10 Herbalism, 10 Wear Armor, 16 Magic Lore, 21 Monster Lore, 5 Concentration, 10 ID Spell, 10 ID Potion, 5 Running, 5 Listen, 1 Hypnotism, 5 General Knowledge, 16 Mage Site, 6 Religion Lore, 10 Dragon Lore, 16 Leadership, 14 Diplomacy, 6 Warcraft

Weapon Skills 3 Kitana,

Spell Skills 210 Fire Blast, 210 Acid Blast

Languages Known Andicite(common), Undercommon, Ogre, Elven, Dwarven, Draconic(metalic)

Thac0 base 17

60’ Infravision, 12 movement

Known Spells (11 per level) (1) Magic Missle, Stars of Fire, Hypnotism, Sleep, Friends, Phantasmal Force, Copy, Mending, Charm Person, Enlarge, Identify

(2) Melfs Frozen Arrows, Mirron Image, ESP, Stinking Cloud, Mass Jump, Cloak from Undead, Know Alignment, improved Phantasmal Force, Blindness, drawmijs Breath of Life, Bigbys Dextrous Digits

(3) Acid Blast, Fire Blast, Haste, Dispel magic, Suggestion, Monster Summoning I, Invisibility 10’ Radius, Hold Person, Venom Lance, Wraith Form @ will

(4) Teleport without Error to Tower of Ancients, Monster Summoning II, Improved Invisiility, Stoneskin, Bowins Icy Grimstorm, Remove Curse, Charm Monster, Hallucinatory Terrai, Wizards Eye

(5) Hold Monster, Wall of Force, Monster Summoning III, advanced Illusion, Animate Dead, Feeblemind, Transmute Rock to Mud, Telekinesis, Cloudkill, Cone of Cold

(6) Reincarnation, Mass Suggestion, Death spell

(7) Limited Wish

His Domane consists of 26 Source Holdings, 38 Law Holdings, 25 Trade Holdings, 7 Shipyards, 9 Temples to Palidine, 6 Platium Mines, 13 Iron Mines, 5 Silver mines, 5 Andicite Mines, 5 Tear of the Gods mines.

Inventory Oak Leaf Broch (19 Hide/Move Silently in woodlands), Lucky Copper Penny, Shield of Shielding, Shadowstep, Ring of the Cursed Champions, Robe of Blending, Potion of Defense, Rod of Ressurection (45 charges), Ring of Law and honesty (hanging on necklace), Cloak of Confidence (black w red trim), Orb of Continual Light, Charm of Zeligar, Map of Zeligars Fortress, Scroll (neutralize poison), Potion of Heal (6 dose), Belt of size adjustment (holding shield of shielding to thigh), Scimitar of Speed, book-Undercommon for dummies, Portible Horde, Banded Mail +5, Potion of Ventriliquism, Potion of Heroism, Scroll (summon a lesser godling)(monster summoning I, II, III, IV, V)(disintegrate)(non-detection)

Coins 200 Platium, 4000 Gold, 33208 Silver, 2296 Copper, 8000 Steel. 46# of mythril,1000 glowing gold coins, 49 Krowns.


Prince Grimstar has seen many changes since he uncovered the map to Zeligar’s Stronghold and headed there accompined by Grimtooth and Wolvis

He started his journey as a Woodsman and due to the great magical powers within Zeligar’s Stronghold became a Sorceror.

He is a bronze dragon who is focused entirely upon Sorcorery.

He has passed his first trial of the Tower of Wizardy and obtained the White Cloak of light.

He wears a robe of blending that also increases his spells effective level by 2.

He wields Petra Shadowstep as his only weapon when he is not using his magics.

Prince Bowin Grimstar

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